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Selling our products is easy and rewarding. Order directly from the web!
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We have lots of great distributors around the world. This is the place for you - and everyone who wants to become one!
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Both our infoband™ and once™ is available as Custom Made. Design and adapt it to your own needs.

We are proud of our wristbands!

All our wristbands are made in Sweden. Developed, designed and produced in-house in our office/production facilities in Höganäs, in Sweden.


Thanks to that, we can controll that the quality is great and that we deliver what we say we do. We are able to keep short production times and develop and adapt our products so that both we and you are happy. Another good thing is that we can guarentee that our wristbands do not contain any toxics or harmfull substances. Not for you, your child or the environment.

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