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Take a look and see how other companies have used infoband™ and once™ in their marketing.

Interpolis + Reddingsbrigade = Succé!

► infoband™ | Reusable ID wristband

The last three summers the Dutch insurance company Interpolis and the Dutch Beach guarding organisation Reddingsbrigade have a large and well published campaign aiming to increase the safety and reduce the number of lost children on the beaches in the Netherlands.

Together they have handed out 600 000 infobands to children visiting the beaches. Just to make it easier and safer for those children that accidentally got lost from their parents. The campaign was highlighted in television, radio and newspapers all over the Netherlands and became a huge success for as well Interpolis as the Reddingsbrigade.

Knies Kinderzoo

► infoband™ | Reusable ID wristband

The Swiss Zoo took help from Coca Cola to sponsor the wristband that every little visitor gets in the entrance.

Ving - Lollo and Bernie

► infoband™ | Reusable ID wristbands

The mascots of the travel company, Ving, has of course their own infobands. A give away to the children at their different destinations.

if redesigns

► infoband™ | Reusable ID wristband

A faithful customer is back with new good-looking artwork. The three designs are available in the if webshop.

Redbull - Event wristband

► once™ - Single-use wristband with numbering

This good-looking wristband belongs to Redbull. A nice design with high res print. Variable numbering.

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