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ID wristbands for children

infoband™ | Re-usable ID wristbands made in Sweden

Smart ID wristbands with happy designs. Free from PVC and toxins.

Write with a regular ballpoint pen and its waterproof in seconds.

Show all 38 designs and read more about infoband™.

infoband™ | Penguin

1-pack  |  4,13 EUR

infoband™ | Polar Bear

1-pack  |  4,13 EUR

Single-use ID wristbands

10 wristbands for only 8,75 EUR!

Perfect for events, outings and partys. Easy to use. Safe and happy!

Show all 8 designs and read more about once™.

once™ | Bee - Turquoise

10-pack  |  8,75 EUR

once™ | Fish - Green

10-pack  |  8,75 EUR

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