Reflective ID slap-wraps

infoflex™ is the perfect product for dark fall and winter days. It is super reflective and is equipped with an information box, just like the infobands.

The infoflex™ is 300 x 30 x 3 mm, and it is available in four different designs. infoflex™ can be worn by both children and adults. A have to for everyone who wants to be visible and good-looking in the dark.


ID wristband for children

infoband™ is our cool and unique ID wristbands for children. The smart product helps children who wonders off or gets lost to reunite with their parents.

The product is easy to use. The text becomes water resistant in a second when you write with a regular ball point-pen. The buckle makes the infoband™ impossible for small children to remove the band - a two-hand grip is needed. Parents and other adults can open the buckle easily and the infoband™ can be used over and over again.

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infoband™  |  1-pack

1-pack   |   5,45 EUR   |   Add to cart

infoband™  |  1-pack

1-pack   |   5,45 EUR   |   Add to cart


Single use ID-wristbands

once™ by Infoband is our own high-quality, single use wristband. Cool design, high res printed and easy to use. Perfect for vacations, outings, shopping days and festivals. An extra safety net if anything should happen. once™ is sold ...

Coming soon! :)

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