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The Smurfs - Limited Editon

infoband™ | Re-usable ID wristbands made in Sweden

Children do not often wear ID documents. Therefor an infoband™ can make a big difference if the child may wander off or get lost. An infoband™ can be used over and over again and you can swim and shower still wearing the wristband.

The ID wristband is easy to use. Write with a regular ballpoint pen and the text will get water resistant in a second. The smart buckle makes the infoband™ reusable. Small children can not open the buckle and remove the wristband themselves – a two hand grip is needed.

The infoband™ is made from a soft plastic material. The material is not harmful for humans or nature. The infoband™ does not contain latex, PVC, toxins or allergy inducing substances.

The smurfs

0-pack  |  16,88 EUR

The smurfs

0-pack  |  16,88 EUR

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