Custom Made wristbands!

Event wristbands and ID wristbands with your own graphics.

  Reusable ID wristbands.

Single use wristbands for all occasions.

Made in Sweden

In-house production. Great quality, fast deliveries and good prices.

All our wristbands are made in Sweden. Developed, designed and produced in-house in our office/production facilities in Höganäs, in Sweden.


Thanks to that, we can controll that the quality is great and that we deliver what we say we do. We are able to keep short production times and develop and adapt our products so that both we and you are happy. Another good thing is that we can guarentee that our wristbands do not contain any toxics or harmfull substances. Not for you, your child or the environment.

Custom Made once™

Single-use wristbands for festivals, theme parks, etc


The single-use wristband for festivals, trade fairs, sport events, water parks and attractions. Use for admission control, daily ticket, drink ticket, "all incusive" band or lottery ticket. Design and adapt with numbering, QR-codes and ID box.


A wristband for marketing and promotion, with high resolution print, where the whole area is designable.

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Custom Made infoband™

A promotion product that shows that you care


infoband™ is a great promotional product! It offers everything you want a promotional product to offer - and more. It reflects care – for safety, for children, their parents, and for the environment. It is non-expensive and yet has a high perceived value. It is logistically easy to use in almost any type of promotion, event or mail-out. It has basically endless design possibilities and it has a long lifespan, since it can be used over and over again. What else can you ask for?

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