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Do as Legoland, Sunwing Resorts, Interpolis, Copenhagen Zoo, Carlsberg and Redbull.
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Customer review:
Lollo & Bernie, Kids Club

“Being able to supply the feeling of that extra safety
when travelling, made us choose Infoband.
To customize the design was a big advantage for us.”
“From Infoband we get fast service and top
quality wristbands.”

Joakim Eriksson, Concept & Brand Marketing Manager
Sunwing Family Resorts

Good stuff!

A product showing that you care

infoband™ is a multi-use ID wristband, made of a soft plastic material. It is a patented product that is produced in our own modern production facility in Sweden. It is completely non-toxic, free from PVC, latex and all allergy inducing substances, making it safe to use.

Write with a regular ball-point pen and the text becomes water resistant in seconds. When the child carries the mobile telephone number of its parent, the parent can easily be contacted by other adults in case the child gets lost.

The buckle requires a two-hand-grip to open and can therefore not be opened by small children. This feature prevents small children from removing the infoband™ themselves.

Smart marketing!

infoband™ can be used in many different ways

Give away
Probably the most common way to use custom made infobands is as a give-away product. For example at the entrance to a zoo, amusement park or museum, when staying at a hotel or travelling with a certain travel company, or as part of an event. It shows that the company cares about children and their safety, and at the same time prevents unnecessary mishaps.
Private label
Another popular way is to create private label infobands in order to boost sales. With the great design possibilities of the product it is easy to attract customers and get extra sales. A perfect way to add a smart, beautiful and popular product to the collection. You can also make your own packaging and create an even higher value for the product.
Many of our clients have successfully increased sales through campaigns using custom made info-bands. By creating a campaign, for example giving away a free infoband™ when the customers buys a specific product, they increased attraction to there regular products.
What keeps your memories alive better than a nice souvenir? Custom Made infobands are perfect to sell in your museum store, club shop or souvenir stand. infoband™ is a loved product among parents and children who will save and use them over and over again, for a long long time after the visit.


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