Single use wristbands for all occations

For festivals, theme parks, company events, etc.

The single-use wristband for festivals, trade fairs, sport events, water parks and attractions. Use for admission control, daily ticket, drink ticket, "all incusive" band or lottery ticket. Design and adapt with numbering, QR-codes and ID box.


A wristband for marketing and promotion, with high resolution print, where the whole area is designable.

once™ is unique in many ways!

Single-use wristbands for festivals, theme parks, etc


We wanted to create a single-use wristband with better print, greater design freedom, more comfortable material, access to advanced variable data, short series and fast production. The result is once™ - our own single-use wristband.


once™ is made from a strong and comfortable syntethic paper material. It is free from toxics and it does not contain PVC, latex or any other allergy inducing substances. once™ is printed in digital offset quality in our own production facilities in Höganäs, Sweden.


Single-use wristbands for festivals, theme parks, etc


Different features. ID-box, numbering, barcodes, QR-codes, RFID... How do you wanna use your single-use wristband? Pick the feature or features that suit your wants and needs.


With just a nice design once™ is perfect for all kinds of events and attractions.


With an ID-box you can carry contact information to an ICE-contact. Write with a regular ball point-pen and the text will become water resistant.

Variable print

Barcode, numbering or QR-code makes once™ a great solution for admission control, events, lotteries and such. Pick one feature, or combine.


With an RFID-tag (pre-programmed or un-programmed) in the wristband you get access to automised control, cashless point of sale, keyless entrances and much more.

Fast, attractive and simple!

Single-use wristbands for festivals, theme parks, etc

We produce all our bands in our in-house office / production facilities in Höganäs, Sweden. This means that we can offer you fast production. We can offer great quality, good prices and both small and large production quantities. MOQ is just 100 wristbands!


Download price lists, design guides, etc.

once™ | Prices

Price list for once™.

once™ | Templates

Template for artwork. Produced on sheets. 10 once™ wrsitbands per sheet.
once_template (pdf)

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