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Application form
In our work to find new distributors that match our profile, we ask you complete this form with information about you and your company. The more you write, the more specificic we are able to be in our first answer to you. So please take your time to complete the form, and we will come back to you as soon as we can.

1. Contact information

2. Personal information

3. Sales and Marketing

You should have current and active sales and marketing activities in the following segments:

4. References

You should have a track record and references from one or more other products/brands in the above mentioned segments.


Other comments (or more references):

5. Company information

Size is not an issue for us. You can be a one-man show or part of large company. The important thing for us is:


  1. You can handle your market (i e your size in relation to the size of your market).
  2. You can ensure that everyone in the company/team is engaged in the products and brand.
Give a brief description of your company and/or team:
Describe your available resources (own people, out sourced help, independent sales agents, etc.)
Describe your current distribution channels (Independent stores, Chains, whole sellers, etc.)
Describe your selling process (directly to store, central buyers, phone selling, visiting customers, etc.)

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