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Infoband offers a great retail collection of smart, innovative and good-looking ID-wristbands. Both for multi-use as well as single-use. Our retailer concept is well developed and it suits both small and big partners. It does not matter if you are the small shop on the corner or a big chain. Nor if you are situtated in Sweden or in Japan. We have products and solutions for every store.


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Customer review:
Lollo & Bernie, Kids Club

“Being able to supply the feeling of that extra safety
when travelling, made us choose Infoband.
To customize the design was a big advantage for us.”
“From Infoband we get fast service and top
quality wristbands.”

Joakim Eriksson, Concept & Brand Marketing Manager
Sunwing Family Resorts

Our collection products

Smart, happy and selling products for your store
ID wristbands is our thing. Our collection contains single-use and multi-use wristbands in a number of nice designs.

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We have lots of great distributors around the world, with connections and knowledge about their country. If you want to order from your local distributor, please find the contact information here below.

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